God's Magnificent Goodness - Volume One: Victorious Christian Living

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God's Magnificent Goodness

Volume One: Victorious Christian Living

We live in a world that hungers to know the one true God, the Father of mercy and the God of all comfort. The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is a compassionate, merciful and gracious God and Father to each of us.

This book is truly for you if you desire to know God as your Heavenly Father and if you desire to develop and grow in your relationship with Him.

Discover in the pages of God’s Magnificent Goodness:

  • The goodness of God
  • The benefit of obedience to God’s direction
  • Your purpose in Christ
  • Your completeness in Christ
  • The power that is available to you when you use the name of Jesus Christ
  • True freedom
  • What is our hope?
  • Are we living in the end times?

Each chapter may be used for personal study or for a group Bible study. There are discussion questions at the end of each chapter to further enhance your understanding of the scriptures and relationship with your Heavenly Father.

Table of Contents - God's Magnificent Goodness

Chapter One: God's Magnificent Goodness
Chapter Two: The Urgency of Our Times
Chapter Three: Do You Know Your Purpose?
Chapter Four: God is Light
Chapter Five: The Father of Mercy - The God of All Comfort
Chapter Six: The Name of Jesus Christ
Chapter Seven: Our Hope - The Return of Jesus Christ
Chapter Eight: Pray - Listen - Act
Chapter Nine: Heart's Desire - To Know the Living Christ
Chapter Ten: A Matter of the Heart
Chapter Eleven: Complete in Christ
Chapter Twelve: Freedom
Chapter Thirteen: Speak God's Word
Chapter Fourteen: Are We Living in the End Times?

Additional info:

  • 206 Pages
  • Publication Date: March 2021
  • Printed by InstantPublisher.com in the United States of America
  • ISBN 978-0-578-24643-7