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You Are Righteous Now!

Imagine someone deposited 10 million dollars in your bank account. However, there was one slight problem – you did not know it had been deposited. You continued to struggle day-by-day to make ends meet. You wondered how you were going to pay the next bill or buy groceries for the week. You felt down and did not know what it was going to take to be able to meet your financial obligations. Then one day while at the bank, the banker asked you if you would like to diversify your wealth. He showed you the dollar amount in your account. Amazed and overwhelmed with happiness you find that all this time you were wealthy beyond measure while you thought you had very little.

Spiritually it is not much different with many of God’s people today. They are spiritually defeated and downtrodden in life because they do not know what God has done for them through Christ Jesus! Many have failed to rise up and believe who they are in Christ, often because they do not know. No one has ever shown them from the Bible what Jesus Christ accomplished for them in his life, death and resurrection. With the giving of the holy spirit on the day of Pentecost, in the new birth, you are no longer a spiritual pauper. You are a spiritual billionaire multiplied trillions and trillions of times.

In this pamphlet you will see that you are righteous now because of the accomplished work of Christ.

The scriptures clearly show us God's love, mercy and grace displayed toward each of us - making us righteous today!

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